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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, powerful photo & video editor and camera app that empowers you to capture and edit stunning images.
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Lightroom Mod Apk was initially released in January 2015. Lightroom is one of the best photo editing tools available for mobile phones. The program is developed by Adobe. Lightroom is one of the most downloaded tools on the Google Play Store. The program has more than 100 million downloads with a rating of 4.6. Let’s have a look at the details of the tools.


Lightroom Mod Apk is Android’s most outstanding photo editing and color-boosting tool. Everybody wishes to make their photograph more vibrant. However, photo editing experience is required to modify pictures with Adobe Photoshop. Not everybody has a home computer. Adobe Photoshop program requires a computer. You must focus on learning if you really want to generate appealing and shining photographs. Users cannot edit pictures on PC software unless they have image manipulation skills. It also takes years of experience and expertise how to utilize it. As a result, the program creator intends to release a more user-friendly photo editing tool for Smartphones.

Adobe LightROom Intro

Lightroom Mod Apk will enhance the beauty of your photos. This software should never be avoided. The software’s creator must supply editing tools for the PC. As a result, they will not be able to create this program with basic tools. All sophisticated picture photoshop brushes, as well as PC software applications, are available to users. After using each tool, the user should have a good understanding of all of them. This will also enable you to become a professional designer in the field of editing software.

Features Outline

There are a lot of features of the application which we are going to discuss below.

Simple Presets

This free tool provides users with preset functionality. The developer has already provided presets, which the user may apply in less than a second. After uploading a picture from the album, the setup increases the proportion on the bottom panel. This preset area is intended for both novice and experienced editors. Every user appreciates this predefined function since it allows the tool to perform its editing work.

Color Improvements

Color improvements were the most popular function among photo editors in this amazing application. Many color issues will arise when taking images with your cellphone camera. These issues include issues with luminance, sunshine, and color dimming. These are issues that most photographers experience. Colorization is a feature that is available in every picture modifying software. You will need computer software to color-correct your image. Considering the one first-year application color correcting experience required. There will be no more available operations to fix the color of photographs.

This application gives several color-enhancing tools and changes. You may change the color of the image with the line bar. Every horizontal bar has a circular symbol, which may be moved to observe how the picture changes. The program now has a plethora of tweaking features. The toolbox category contains controls for temperature, hue, vibrant colors, and brightness. These changes are generally available in every picture editing software.

The B&W option may be found in the improvement area at the top of the toolbar. Click on the option to upload black-and-white photographs. Then, at the bottom, a color blend tool was introduced. Hue, saturation, and brightness all aid in color correction in photographs. Several approaches to color calibration and picture enhancement.

Perspective Tools

Perspective tools are lovely features of this application. When you begin photographing with a smartphone, inner object perspectives appear broad or long. So, use this tool to fix the aspect without cropping or cutting the image. There is no need for high-level programming to fix the angle; simply choose the angular position and use the adjustment function to rectify the mouse cursor. There are numerous solutions open to you. To re-arrange the form in the picture, select the appropriate adjustment bar.

Removals of Objects and Background

The object-removing function is included in this application. There are several programs with removal functions accessible in the Google Play market. I tried several programs, and the software squandered my time. Since no tool has completed its work effectively, you will encounter several issues when using that software. For illustration, picking an element and pressing the remove button will cause the image to compress. It will also investigate commonly popular picture editing apps.

The users don’t have to worry about an issue. The background removal tool has been effectively tuned by the app developer. Simply choose the region to be removed and press the delete button. Marked location perfectly deleted selected area without even any indicators This application makes use of an artificially Intelligent detection tool. So the item was completely eliminated from the picture, and the erased location complemented the colors.

Adobe Creative Cloud or Drive

This application provides cloud functionality for all users. All users get access to up to 5GB of free storage. Your image was saved in the cloud once you finished editing it. Regrettably, you occasionally lose your altered photograph. As a result, the application developer provides this amazing function to all users. This function is not available in any editing software. However, adobe tea is provided for free. It is never necessary to spend a significant amount of money to save images for cloud storage.


Basically, we discussed every aspect of Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk. This program is essential if you enjoy or are enthusiastic about photographing. It will also be your constant savior. Don’t waste resources learning new skills just to buy a new computer. Become such a great photographer by utilizing this program. To acquire the application is free, use our website version. Download this edition from the links provided above in the article. If you like photo editing tools then you can check KineMaster APK and CapCut APK on our website too.

What's new

- Bug fixes and stability improvements.



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