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Byju’s Mod Apk is an application that provides users with hundreds of short courses and skill-based videos. You may also receive study materials for any class. Get rid of pricey tuition and gain free access to helpful books and videos. Make contact with skilled educators. Learn scientific ideas through many creative methods.

What does Byju’s Mod Apk provide?

The most important feature of the app is its free access to all instructional content. What could be better than free education? Any class can provide you with useful information. Material from fourth through intermediate and university classes is available.

Byju’s Mod Apk

More App Features

The characteristics of Byju’s mod apk are described in detail below. Learn about the mod version’s overall objective. You will also be able to see how the mod version is better than the original version after reading it.

Explore educational videos

The application provides you with a preview of each course. The preview is a brief film on the educational program. You can learn about the system’s components. It will also assist you in determining whether the course is beneficial to you. Pay for the courses that are beneficial to you. Spend no time on unneeded brief processes.


Enhance your academic performance.

If you are lacking, the application is the ideal educational resource for you. You may communicate with your tutor using Byju’s mod apk. Get an immediate answer to your academic issue. A counselor is also on hand. Use the application to contact the counselor. A counselor can assist you in making professional decisions, changing fields, or enrolling in new courses. The application serves as your instructional manual.

Practice sessions are unlimited

The application conducts online tests and simulated tests. It solely provides users with practice matches. As a result, the learner may put their knowledge and skills to the test. The assessments also instill a competitive attitude among the children. Practice sessions come in a variety of formats. It may contain application questions with multiple choices, open-ended inquiries, and yes/no quizzes. The findings will be delivered to you via the application or Gmail.


Get customized learning excursions

The application customizes the homepage based on the trainer you select. You will receive the most recent news on your subject of interest. There are also new approaches and sessions accessible. Learn about the abilities that are in high demand. Change your focus to classes that will assist you to advance your job.

Watch the video tutorials for each module.

The application integrates recorded lectures from qualified lecturers. You can get to it whenever you want. Make the recorded lectures available offline so that you can see them later. Consider it an endless learning opportunity. The recorded lectures make instructional content easily accessible. You may even read it the night before an exam. There are also subtitles available. You can enable subtitles in your native language. It will aid your understanding of the lectures. Classes are now just a click away.

Byjus Apk-3

Receive free online courses

You are not required to pay for courses when using the mod version. Learn any skill for free without having to pay anything. The in-app purchases are also removed in the mod version. The cracked version of Byju’s mod is beneficial to students, small children, and those who are not yet earning. Build your professional resume by gaining access to hundreds of courses. Begin working right now.


According to the qualities listed above, Byju’s mod apk is one of the top educational applications. You may master your academics with its unique learning methods. You no longer need to hop between websites when learning new courses. Connect with reputable teachers to receive assistance with your studies. Make learning simple and enjoyable. Download Byju’s mod apk right now to make learning more enjoyable and fascinating.

Byjus Apk-4


What is the price of Byju’s Mod Apk?

Byju’s mod apk is completely free. You do not have to pay any further fees to use Byjuapk. You must pay for each course you take in the basic edition. Launch the app on your smartphone after clicking the download link. It will get you free access to all premium features.

What are the average charges of Byju?

The monthly fee for one course is 2000. However, it differs from system to system. Because higher classes and courses require greater costs. A monthly or annual subscription is also available. An annual membership will provide you with more benefits than a standard account. You can also take specialized courses in other disciplines. Choose from courses in English, Computer Science, Music, Arts, and Mathematics.

Is Byju appropriate for attending online classes?

Byju is a fantastic educational site. It provides thousands of free courses as well as paid online lectures of excellent quality. The topic specialist will provide you with course-specific guidance. The educational advisor will assist you in achieving success in your degree. Students frequently do not use internet resources. However, encouraging kids to earn high scores promotes it.

Is it possible to learn to code using the Byju app?

Yes, you can learn to code using Byju. Choose your preferred course. Change your timings. Video lectures, online lessons, and zoom sessions will be used to teach you. Use Google Meet to communicate with your instructor. Make recommendations or concerns in the comment areas. You may also reach out to your teacher using Gmail. Mock tests and online tests can be used to practice. Take your tests. Learn using novel approaches and achieve high marks.

Can I make money using Byju’s Mod Apk?

Byju is an educational hub where you may make money by using your talents. The organization is pleasant to work with. You have control over your working hours. Schedule your lectures during times when you are available. Consider it your ideal job since it pays well and allows you to use your abilities. You will have the opportunity to learn more. As a result, there is always space for improvement.



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