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Candy Crush Soda Saga Apk is an improved and advanced version of the candy crush saga in which you not only match the sweets of the same family but also smash the candies and sodas that are added in the new version of the game. to advance to the next level. The color of sweets is a variant that makes the game very joyful.

App Name Candy Crush Soda Saga Apk
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Size 75.4 MB
Version v1.221.5
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Update July 09, 2022

Introduction of Candy Crush Saga Apk

Candy Crush Soda Saga Apk is an advanced addition to the gaming world. In this game, you have to crash three or five sweets with the same color that matched in the vertical or horizontal direction that will disappear after smashing and a new row will arise on-screen game. As the user finished starting level of the game then shifts to an advanced level that will make the game more interesting. The user will find unique sweets, lollipops, and bottles that you have not seen in the candy crush saga. Matching or crashing three or five sweets either in verticals or horizontal directions is not much easier as you go to an advanced level because of hurdles between the sweets that may cause more struggle from your side to crash sweets.

Candy Crush Soda Saga Apk

Features of Candy Crush Saga Apk

Candy crush soda saga introduced new and advanced featured. There are many levels and hurdles that put its users in the trial. The next level is more difficult than the previous one. There are about 7480 levels in this game that you have to complete. Mode of operation The game starting with level one is quite easy and users who are new to the game will easily play and can understand the game but as the level increase the game become more interesting and advanced and users cannot lose interest in taking it to challenge.

In candy crush soda saga with sweets, you also have color bombs, blockers, bears, jelly cakes, and soda crashes that will help you to make a specific strategy to play the game. Lives Candy crush soda saga provides you with 05 lives. So the game will never end until you are closed by yourself. There is no restriction on life so the user cannot lose interest.

Candy Crush Saga Apk Goal Score

In this game, the score depends on the crashing sweets. Different sweets have different points on board. If you want more scores then you have to crash more sweets. Free Reward There are a lot of rewards that you will have after winning the level. The reward will help you in opening a new level and in candy crush soda, saga there is also a mystery chest that you collect and open after a specific level. The other reward that may you collect is lucky candy, candy bombs, hammers, or jellyfish that help you out when you are in a problem.

Excellent Environment

Candy crush soda saga provides a user very friendly environment in form of a beautiful and epic location. The user has allowed knowing about the history of different characters and the story Epic candies and soda Different candies have been introduced in the new version. Soda and bottle are new in-game bottle release purple soda that has extra points in the game. In the candy crush soda saga, some new rewards old are introduced.

The bottle is introduced in this new version which has extra points Now there is fish candy, wrapped candy, striped candy, and lucky candy. These candies will help you and boost your game in matching sweets of the same family and save your game.

Soda Saga


This game has 7480 levels of milestones that make the user addicted and quite difficult to reach on that level. Starting level is very easy for new users. Candy crush soda saga introduces new and advanced features that make it very interesting and users don’t bore playing it. Auto save data option Candy crush soda saga provides a user auto-save data option when you link it with your social profile.

When you join the link with the game the data is stored automatically on a disc. After that whenever you log in to the game the data will save and you will be able to see all your previous results save until you uninstall the game. Play with friends This game is a solo base and is not a multiplay game. You cannot play this game with others.

Is it free to use

This game is free on the google play store you can easily download it from it. This game is free of cost to play for a specific period depending on you how many lives you have. If you have an internet connection then you can avail of different elements and rewards. If users face problems with advertisements while playing games or waiting for the next level then you may make an app payment to advance. There is some special reward that required some payment if you want to open it then you have to pay for the reward it is totally up to you.

Graphics and sounds

Candy crush soda saga has eye-catching graphics as it has vibrant colors and many graphics effects that make the game more joyful and attractive for users. The sound is very good when sweets are crashed and different candies and hammers have a different sound on smashing the sweets.

Soda Gameplay

3D Character

In the new version, the 3D character was introduced by the candy crush soda saga making unique and beautiful graphics that make the game more attractive and joyful. Mission and challenges
The start of the game is very easy but as the level increases the game become more difficult and you have to face more difficult challenges and mission. When you complete these missions and challenges you will be promoted to the next level and received many gifts that will help you in the coming levels.


Candy crush soda saga is one of the most famous and most played games on the internet all over the world and the game for all age groups. You can easily download the game and play it. There is a link given below so you can download the game.


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