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Clash of Kings Apk is a real-time mobile game in which you makes a strategy to build your own city and manage all the decision. This game has some similarities with Clash of Clans as the developer of the game is the same. Clash of kings APK and Clash of Clans Apk both have similar characters and environments but also have a lot of differences. The game is developed by Elex Wireless. Clash of Kings Apk download latest version was first time introduced in June 2014. Now, it has 50 Million downloads with more than 10 Million active users.


In the Clash of Kings APK download, you have to build a new city that has limited resources and doesn’t have a lot of materials and items for the people who live there. You have to make very important strategies and implement those on developing the city. As you don’t have a lot of people who live there so you should make the city suitable for people and provide all the facilities so the people from other sides come here and you convert this small city into a superpower. Start with the small castle of the city you should utilize all the resources to build your army and train them. Stay connected with this article to get a better idea of the game.

Clash of Kings Introduction

Game Play of Clash of Kings Apk

Clash of Kings APK is a wonderful game and the most favorite game in the world. In this game to have to build a strong city with a trained army with help of all resources that are available in the city.  You will fight with another city king in this game so your army must be strong to fight and win the battle and conquer the city. In this game, you have to conquer more cities as you can so your state increases and you have more cities to command.

Clash of Kings Game Play

Now we are going to discuss the features of Clash of Kings Apk latest version. These all features are also available in Clash of Kings Chinese version Apk. Let’s see the features of the game.

Features Clash of Kings Apk Latest Version

Clash of Kings APK is an amazing game with a lot of features. There are some extra and advanced features in clash of the kings.

Real-time game

Clash of Kings APK is a real-time game where you have to build a new city of your choice. In this game, you have experience in managing all the activities that are important for the development of the city.

Build your Army

In the clash of the kings, you make your strong army and make your defense system so strong with help of tools that you have to purchase and some you have as a reward to make your army stronger so that they can win in any bad situation. As a leader, you should rank the army on different criteria.

Clash of Kings Apk Feature

Capital in Clash of Kings Apk

Capital is most important in the clash of the king as capital means the place where you live and start to make your empire. In the capital, you have to make barracks where the army will be trained, libraries, mines, schools, hospitals, and others for the people.

Weapons Clash of Kings Apk

For any state, a strong army structure is fundamental. You have to build your defense system so strong that you can protect your state from external affairs and attacks. So the army needs many weapons that are required for a fight. The bigger state has a bigger risk of attacks and has many enemies around the state so you trained army with advanced weapons is important. Your army must have cannons, towers, bombs, traps, and walls.

Free to Play

Clash of Kings is free to download and play. You don’t make payments while downloading and playing this game. You need an only internet connection and the game begins. There are some advanced weapons and other items that you may need to defeat the enemy that required payment you have to purchase these from google to make your army and state strong.

Battles in Clash of Kings Apk

Clash of the kings is a battle-based and wonderful game. you have to build a state and make a strong army to protect your state from enemy attacks as each state wants to expend more resources and places for their people. If you win the fight you will conquer the other state and loot their resources and place for your army and people. You have to attack other states that are the tough target to build an empire.

Battles in King

Level of Wars

In a Clash of Kings APK, you start with a lower level of the state as you win more fight the level of the fight increases as the bigger state has a tough competitor and face more challenges than the smaller one. So you should use advanced technology to fight and advance weapons for a tough fight. When the area of state increases then your responsibility also increases. You required more security for your state and more army forces for protection from external attacks.

Worldwide Game

Clash of Kings APK is a worldwide game in which you have to play with other people online. You can play this game solo or play with your friends. You can play this game with anybody around the world who is online at that time.

Graphics and Sounds

Clash of Kings APK Latest version is a real-time game with advanced settings and features. This game has beautiful and real-look graphics and a 3D vision that make the game more real. This game has a strong quality of sound you can feel the sound of bombing with advanced technology.

Offline Play

Clash of Kings Apk has the battle in the game in which you fight with the army of another state so you cannot play this offline. You can play the game only when you have an internet connection to fight with those who are online at that time.

Online Game

Rewards in Clash of Kings Apk

In the clash of kings download, you have rewards only in the form of coins and gold. Using the gold and coins you can purchase other items from google shop. Another type of reward is the looted items that you collect after a winning fight against another state. With help of these looted items you make your state stronger and more advanced so the people of your state become happy and show more loyalty to you.


Clash of Kings Apk is the most famous and most played game in the world. In this game, you make strategies to fight with another state’s army. For the fight, you make your defense system strong with help of a well-trained army, advanced weapons, and technology so they can protect your empire from enemy attacks. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and click the DOWNLOAD button given above and enjoy the best game on your smartphone.

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