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Diablo Immortal Apk is a large role-playing game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and was released on May 31, 2022. The game is currently one of the most downloaded games on the Google Play Store with more than 10 Million downloads. The game has secured a rating of 4.2 stars with 821k reviews. This game is part of the Diablo series, which provides gamers with action-packed role-playing experiences. Additionally, this game is now a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Angels and devils are competing for control of the mortal vicinities. The content rating of the game is 17 plus because there is some sort of violence that is not recommended for below-age kids.

App Name Diablo Immortal
Genre Role Playing
Size 2.3 GB
Version v1.4.925101
Info Latest Version
Price Free
Get it On Google Play
Update July 22, 2022


Diablo Immortal Apk is a slashing supernatural RPG video game that can provide players with a thrilling fighting experience. This game, co-produced by Blizzard and NetEase, is expected to startle gamers in a big way. The game recreates the old gloomy theme. This game allows you to join the battle of gods and demons to begin a new episode of the struggle and meet the onslaught of the strong forces of evil with a courageous demeanor.


The gamers must demonstrate them by joining up with other gamers from all across the world in a big and epic mission against demons and angels. The players must collect the tiny pieces of the contaminated world stone to prevent the Lord of Terror’s return. There are numerous adventures and fights between legions of devils and angels, so the gamers must carefully gather the vast loot they will receive, develop surprising power, and win the battles to preserve the world from the enemy.

The GamePlay

Begin your quest as a courageous player on this planet filled with evil shadows. Players will work together to fight the strong boss who is at the heart of the scheme to reestablish peace and tranquillity on the mainland. NetEase is personally involved in a big section of this smartphone version. It might be a hallucination, but the style of the opening CG and characters seems more like NetEase than Blizzard.


Blizzard’s game excellence is still assured, even though it is working with NetEase; otherwise, it will not allow it to be the conclusion. There are already several Diablo-like smartphone games available. It’s tough to predict how successful Diablo gaming companies will be with NetEase and Blizzard’s sharp business instincts. This smartphone game should also have been created in secrecy for a long period and has just been recently launched.

Features Outline

There are a lot of features of the game which we are going to discuss below

Use Your Favorite Class to Slash

This game includes the most customizable and legendary characters of all time. There are Barbarians, Demon Poachers, Knights, Witches, and other similar characters, each with unique abilities and skills to help preserve the planet. Players can choose characters from various classes and become the most formidable in the arena. Firearms, player skills, characters, gear, and everything else can be improved as players go through the stages.

This game is highly versatile in that it allows players to personalize their character and equip as they see fit, as well as acquire their own legendary weapons and powers as they go.

MMORPG Battles at a Rapid Pace

This game is built on the MMORPG gamine experience, allowing it to include all of the personal computer features into the short and compact intuitive control of mobile devices. Whether the players embark on a raid or combat the demon clans that attack, they would always experience the control and strength inside them to take over their avatar to help everybody around them in defeating those wicked monsters.

Diablo Immortal Features

Easy and Simple Controls

The game has radial controls that allow the heroes to navigate the environment pretty smoothly and easily, as well as making activating skills during fights simple by gripping and pushing down the thumb on the screen to aim and attack the enemies without that much exertion or control.

World Map and Huge Map

The game includes war-torn environments as well as enticing sceneries within the mighty cities of West March and Wortham, as well as the shadows of the Bilefen Jungle. With each challenge, the environment changes and a new world appears, as well as many dungeons that players may raid and limitless fights, missions, and monsters that arrive with a lot of abilities and skills, providing experience and making the fights more and more intriguing for the users to play. This massive map includes the dark dungeons’ stunning visuals and intricacies, as well as highly detailed weaponry and scenery from throughout the planet.

Diablo Immortal Apk features

Numerous Possibilities and Experience

The players will appreciate the limitless options presented to them by meeting and socializing with their buddies in this reserve universe. As it incorporates all of its capabilities in a massively multiplayer role-playing online game genre, all of the experiences may be achieved alongside friends and family. There are raids, fights, gear upgrades, and much more that can be conveniently accessed.


Diablo Immortal Apk is currently one of the leading games on the Google Play Store. This is a role-playing game with amazing features which we have discussed above. You will also like other role-playing games like IDLE MONSTER GO, LIFE AFTER APK, OCTOPATH TRAVELER, AND GTA SAN ANDREAS on our website. So, what are you waiting for? Just Go and Click the DOWNLOAD button Given above and enjoy the best role-playing game on our website.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Diablo Immortal Apk free to play?

Yes, the game is free to play. There are some in-game purchases but you can play without paying for them.

Q. Can we play Diablo Immortal Apk in offline mode?

No! You can not play in offline mode. You need an internet connection to play this game.

What's new

New Limited Time Event, Trials of the Warrior: 4/26 - 5/4
All Clans on Deck Event, Limited Time: 5/3 - 5/11
New Spectral Flame Cosmetics Set: 4/26
New Legendary Items
Minor Bug Fixes and Enhancements



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