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We’ve all played crafting and construction games in which we worked together to create and craft various items. It’s a similar game play that revolves around crafting and developing the atmosphere and Kingdom for gamers to reign over and handle all of the Kingdom’s affairs. Evony Mod APK gives players access to several parts of creation and crafting. You must build a strong Empire with two rules over seven states under this. This is basically a Kingdom that users have complete control of. You are in charge of a wide range of issues in several departments such as the Military, defence, economic reforms, people’s benefit, foreign relations, communications, administration, and so on.

Here, you must create your empire while working as efficiently as possible, training the Military and forces, building a good connection with other states in your neighbourhood, extending your empire, and strengthening the economic circumstances, companies, and businesses in your region. Furthermore, it is linked to many levels of public well-being and administration. Variety of soldiers, units, and armies to pick and train, interactions with gamers as the administrator of your empire, user interface viability allows users to communicate words through speech translation, and combat preparation by hiring the finest generals from history. Concentrate on the advancement of manufacturing sectors, financial clout, relationships, workers, infrastructure, and living circumstances.


It is a historical combat simulator. In this game, you will be required to develop your Kingdom and make your unique rules. In the Kingdom, you will have to manage seven kingdoms. You must supply things to the people and establish regulations that are useful for everybody. It would be best to prepare your soldiers to combat the enemy. You may train your soldiers with upgraded weaponry on the battlefield to make them highly formidable. You must construct various structures in your Kingdom to make it more sophisticated and valuable to everyone.

Evony Mod Apk

Evony Mod APK is an updated and modified version of the original game that you can get free from our website. Enjoy all of this Mod’s premium features and perks, including unlocked characters, abilities, talents, assets, soldiers, army, weaponry, and more. Unlimited money to update and improve the game’s equipment and tools. Users will receive free shopping enabled in this mod version, allowing them to purchase any equipment or tool from the game store for free. This version incorporates the ad-blocking policy. There will be no advertisements in the game: new routing requirements and anti-ban, and all issues have been resolved in this update.

Features Outline

The game has various features and functions to explore, and we’ve included some of the more significant ones below.

Create your Kingdom’s architectural styles

We must participate in constructing and creating an Empire. We require seven little kingdoms to labour for us in our empire. As your empire has Ultimate authority over these little nations, you will have complete influence over every choice and direction they take. You may base your Seven States architectural style on one of seven prominent ethnicities: Chinese, American, European, Russian, Korean, Arabic, or Japanese.

Evony Mod Apk Features

As a diplomat, you may form real-time alliances.

You must also serve as a politician in your empire, overseeing all governmental issues and residents’ well-being. Choosing to perform the job of a diplomat entails various obligations and accountability. Establishing virtual ties with other governments and neighbouring states for various transactions and trades would be best. All of these interactions will have a positive impact on the empire’s social benefit.

The user interface is smooth and features many choices.

The interface design is one of the best seen in the gaming industry. You may communicate with everybody in actual and in the gaming community by using voice interpretation. Create numerous connections and conversations with folks from all around the internet.

Uplift your soldiers, units, and army by training them

You must also play and take over as a war Lord, taking care of your Military and armed units, ensuring ultimate success in conflicts. Train your soldiers appropriately, with strong cannons and guns, all types of weaponry, and the best-attacking techniques—experience world-class training in the most advanced virtual environment.

Build your city and govern the empire’s affairs

You will be able to determine and implement the required measures and policies to improve the residents’ standard of living. Create plans and rules for tight law and order and national defence.

Enhance the land’s natural resources, raw materials, and commerce and material interchange with other states. Establish companies and production, hire workers, and set up infrastructure and living circumstances.

Hire the greatest warriors and generals to help you build your empire

To establish and consistently build your empire, you must play attentively in the Evony mod apk. This requires actions, processes, and essential policies. Use the most effective growth techniques and growth plans. To protect the Military and soldiers by enrolling the finest generals from histories, such as Charles the First, Napoleon Bonaparte, King Arthur, and many others.

The profound tale is represented graphically in super HD

The game includes a range of themes in which you may discover and enjoy being in several positions simultaneously. Enjoy the epic kingdom reign in a world-class playing environment. Gamers will love the spectacular graphics of the gaming experiences, surroundings, and viewpoints. Everything is so well-designed and captivating that it gives the impression of a bigger universe.

Business and economy are among the nation’s top priorities.

You must first take care of your funds; this gameplay allows players to experience trade and numerous trades linked to many enterprises. Make various deals, including industry, agriculture, expansion, and commercial opportunities.

Money/gems are unlimited.

You will have infinite gems and money in this modified version of the game, which you may spend to expand your empire. You may equip your troops with deadly weaponry.

Evony Unlimited Gems

No advertisements

Ads are the most pointless and obnoxious features of an app. As a result, we have deleted all advertisements from this updated version of the game.

Additional characteristics

This updated game version includes additional features you may utilise while playing.


So, if you enjoy learning about the history of kingdoms and empires, you should enjoy playing this game. In this game, you must construct an empire of seven kingdoms that you may manage anyway you see fit. In Evony Mod Apk, you may design your own rules and train your troops with deadly weaponry to make them more powerful. You may also progress your Empire by making various buildings. Join our social Media channels for more updates FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.


Q. How large is the Evony game?

The size of game is 285 MB.

Q. Can we play the Evony game while not connected to the internet?

When you don’t have an online connection, you can play this game offline.



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