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FIFA Soccer Apk is the latest and advanced version of the classics FIFA 2018 to 2019 season. FIFA Soccer game download is a sports simulation-based game. FIF Soccer game is FIFA Mobile which gives the new design for a better gameplay experience. In this game, you can now build your favorite football team to compete with your opponent. In this game, you can make the football team by selecting through the same or different club, league, and the new selection from the nation. This game was initially released in 2016. The developers of the game are EA Sports. The game has over 100 Million downloads on the Google Play Store with a rating of 4.5.


FIFA Soccer Apk mobile download is the new and latest version and has advanced settings for making a team. It brings the new design for a good experienced and this new version offers you the gameplay and can learn by tutorial. In this game, you should train your player to play with the opponent team player and make the superstar of your choice. You can also choose the club of your choice through which you learn how to earn more points, beat penalties, and correct give passes. This is a sports game that is different from other games available on our website like Clash of Clans, Diablo Immortal, etc.

Fifa Soccer apk introduction

The Gameplay of FIFA Soccer Apk Free Download

FIFA Soccer Apk online is a new version that has new gameplay on the mobile also. There is some new design introduced in this game that must be learned by you to play more perfectly. FIFA Mobile offers you new content which is enjoyable even if you playing alone.

In this players will experience all-new gameplay of head-to-head mode and team chemistry. FIFA 22 is an attacked-based game in which you can play matches in your turn against all the players all over the world. There are round about 30 different leagues that you have to pay to have strong points. FIFA Soccer mobile download doesn’t have carrier mode it has the season mode where you can play and get your team on the top from all 30 leagues on the scoreboard.

Fifa Soccer apk Gameplay
Fifa Soccer apk Gameplay

In this game, you can make the team of your choice where you can train the player according to your ability. Players can make your football FIFA Soccer Apk team where you can include players from the same clubs and leagues, or even form new entries.

You can make a roster and strategies by choosing the above 600 teams before playing each game. You should have to make the right call and decisions during the game that make your club into the team.

Features of FIFA Soccer Apk

FIFA Soccer game is the advanced version of the classic FIFA mobile download. In this version, a new football team is developed in your opinion. So some new features are introduced and helped you in the selection of the player and playing the game.

Attack in FIFA Soccer Apk

FIFA Soccer is attacked base game in which you play on your turn. This new feature will give new life and will give the game a new level. You make the team of your choice which will play on the ground as you want because you are the owner of the team. At the start, your football team may play with clubs on a national level when they level up and they are on the top then they have a chance to compete with other teams on an international level.

fifa soccer apk features
fifa soccer apk features

Playing with friends

In FIFA Soccer you can play with your friends and other players around the world as it is an online game. you can play the inter-league tournament where you can test your team’s abilities. By playing all the nation base tournament you learn more and make your team more effective so all the players from your team can play with efficiency and score good points on the scoreboard. You can learn more by playing league vs league tournaments with your friend’s league or others.

Playing on mobile

FIFA Soccer game is also called the FIFA mobile game. The old version of FIFA was playing only on the computer but this new version is playing on the android smart mobile. This new feature gives a boost to the game. Football lovers can easily play the game on their mobile whenever they want.

FIFA Features

Free to play

FIFA Soccer is free to download and play. In this game, the player can easily download the game and install it. You can download the game only when you have an internet connection. You can adjust the team according to your choice and can compete with any other team free of cost.

Online game

FIFA Soccer is an online game where you have developed the football team of your choice and demand. You can train the team players so they compete with another team in leagues or tournaments online. You can also play this game offline when you don’t have an internet connection or when you want.

FIFA Features 1


FIFA Soccer can be played on mobile so there is a lot of work that has been done on the best quality graphics. There are options available to the user to set the quality resolution of their choice. This game has amazing visuals and beautiful colors that attract players.

Coins Reward

In this game, the player has the reward in terms of coins and points. When then the team wins and levels up then they received the reward in form of coins and points. You cannot transfer these coins and points from one account to another account as this reward is specifically given to your team. You can send the gift only once a time when you select the league.


Tournaments and leagues

In FIFA mobile when you make your team you have to train all the players of the team. To start you trained your team on a ground basis. When all the players are ready to play as a team then the start your team should play in the national league and tournament. When your team gained enough experience and confidence and has the right direction on the football ground. After winning from all 30 leagues, your team is ready to play in international leagues and tournaments.


In this game, you build your favorite football team that is well trained from any league or tournament so they played very well on the national and international levels. Over millions of players are playing this game online with their friends and other players around the world.

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