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GB Whatsapp Apk is available on our website. You can download the latest version with a lot of new amazing features with just one click.

If you feel that typical WhatsApp is a little bit boring then congratulations, you are in right place. We have this application which is different and more advanced than that of typical WhatsApp from the Google Play Store. Also, We have also provided the link to download the APK file so that you can download and install the application with its latest and most advanced features. This website will provide you with the complete details of this amazing application in this article which will help you to understand the latest and advanced features.


GB WhatsApp Download is a very trending application with a lot of advanced features and updates available for Android phones. This application is user-friendly and provides you with features that normal WhatsApp does not provide. It is not available on Google Play Store because of its features. But you are at the right place where you will get the Apk file with all its features on our website.


WhatsApp is a well-known application. It is well-known for a variety of reasons, one of which is the greatest quality of online communication. WhatsApp allows you to communicate with people from all around the world. It includes a lot of cool features like exchanging photographs and videos, sharing your moments on the status narrative, and a lot more.

Because of how people utilize it, this software is truly unique. People are quite attached to this app since it allows them to communicate with their loved ones. You may send lovely emoticons and emoticons to your family and friends. This is a terrific program top that delivers the same incredible capabilities as WhatsApp, but some of its features are better.

The application includes a lot of cool features that you should check out. When compared to other WhatsApp services, it is very honest and highly successful. You must look at all of the fantastic features supplied by this software, so don’t waste any time and read all of the information.

Features Outline

The features outline is as mentioned below.

  • Updated new base
  • Theme: Dark
  • The bugs have been fixed.
  • Chat hidden feature
  • Remove the recording status.
  • Install Google Play stickers
  • Make, use, and distribute your themes.
  • Backup function
  • Video status updates lasting up to seven minutes
  • Amazing tick designs
  • Change the notification-bar icon
  • There are several GIF suppliers.

Additional Features in Latest Update

  • Dark theme and other 4000 themes
  • Alter the color, theme, status, and profile.
  • Backup and restore your chats
  • GBWhatsApp Stories and statuses Download

Why We Should Use it?

There are many reasons why we will recommend that you should use and download it.

Themes collection

One of the best features is the availability of an infinite number of exclusive customizable themes. The main benefit is its creative appearance, as you can find over 100 themes in this program. This application has a variety of themes, including gaming, nature, water, forest, and many others.

Users can Download Statuses

Whatsapp Status functions in the same way as both Facebook and Instagram do. If a colleague in your contact list has kept your phone number, you may monitor his status updates. Nobody wants to ask their contacts to share their posted status. However, why ask for the status when you can simply download it? Using this application’s download status function, you can effortlessly download the photographs and videos of statuses provided by other contacts.

Restoring deleted Messages

This is one of the advanced features because most people desired it in the standard Whatsapp. Anti-revoke implies retrieving text removed by the transmitter so that you may quickly retrieve communications deleted by someone or messages that someone did not want you to view. To experience this mysterious function, you must utilize this feature at least once.

Automatic Reply

If you have a Whatsapp Business account and want extra auto-reply beneficial features, this is the best solution. It’s the ideal feature for all websites, resellers, entrepreneurs, and YouTubers since Whatsapp can deliver relevant message answers to your consumers while you’re not present online. In the auto-respond part of the settings, you may specify any message reply for each applicable acquired message.

GBWhatsApp Apk

Elegant Font Designs

Many customers are still utilizing outdated setup phones that do not allow Font styles. So, if you’re tired of using the same Arial Fonts and want to try something new, you may use this application. Because it provides a wide range of beautiful font variants. Only this app allows you to utilize any font style from a wide selection of fonts. After you change the typefaces, the sending and receiving interfaces, as well as the calling and status interfaces, will use those fonts, making your device’s UI seem crisper.

Hide the Story View

You may also quickly hide the narrative pane in this application. That’s because users aren’t happy being prominent in other people’s narrative perspectives. They would prefer to remain anonymous while sharing their story, which is why this function was created. You may now read other people’s tales while being anonymous.

Hide the Last Seen

In case you’re having trouble getting rid of the stalkers, the last scene might also be designated as hidden. You can quickly get rid of individuals that are always monitoring to see when you were last active. You may avoid this bother by hiding your last seen and remaining safe.

Turn off the blue ticks

The blue ticks which appear while you read the message can also be switched off. If you want to read someone else’s recent text but don’t desire that they know, this option is ideal. You may open their conversation and read the text while the sender is completely unaware. You will be more comfortable and able to use this function in this manner.

GB WhatsApp APk features

In Short

  • GBWhatsApp will provide you with different designs and themes which can provide you with a better and modified look of WhatsApp which looks very cool when you are using it. It provides you the option of selecting multiple languages which is a very beneficial tool that is making it popular all over the world.
  • It will allow you to send any file whose size is about 50MB to your contacts which is not available in normal WhatsApp. You can send pictures and videos in better quality. And all these features are free to use.
  • If there is some privacy concern, then we must clear you that GBWhatsApp Pro is a secure platform because they use the same server which is used by WhatsApp. By Downloading this apk free download, you can hide your status seen.
  • If you see the status of another person then he will never know that you have seen his status. Furthermore, you can get an online pop-up of a chat or contact. As he will be online, you will be notified without opening his chat box.

Short Brief

GBWhatsApp apk will provide you lot of modified features that are very useful and user-friendly.

  • Beautiful and Modified launcher icons
  • Message auto-reply according to the given schedule
  • Hide your writing status and online status
  • You can hide the Blue tick feature.
  • Remove the recording status for opposite contact.
  • Up to 100MB of audio can be shared.
  • Backup function
  • Video status updates last up to seven minutes from 3 minutes but this will only be available for those who are using this app.
  • Password protection is enabled.
  • Chat name can be hidden
  • Change and editable notification-bar icon
  • Altered and improved video player
  • Message Scheduler is now accessible.
  • Protection against damaging things
  • Access to free themes
  • Two or more WhatsApp accounts with dual application features
  • Use of both the official WhatsApp app and GBWA on the same phone
  • You will be able to save Status and DP with this
  • Send huge files like movies, photos, APKs, music, and other things to 50MB
  • Hide message ticks to obscure your message
  • Hide your online status
  • Send up to 30 photos at the same time
  • Stickers will be added and used indefinitely
  • Now it is possible to change the app icon in the menu as well as the notification bar
  • Put up to seven-minute Status
  • Set up a password for your communications
  • Updated and different video player for videos.

The Positive and Negative Things

Positive Things

  • WhatsApp is one of the most used applications all over the world. WhatsApp for iOS is also available in the apple store as well as for iOS is also available. If we see its competitors like Telegram and Viber, WhatsApp is more user-friendly and liked by the people.
  • This is a modified version of the Original application available on the play store. There are also other similar applications available like WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and many others but this is the best among all.


Negative Things

  • One of the side effects is When you install apk there is the possibility of disabling the account. If you still intend to obtain this apk, we strongly urge you to use a temporary phone number for that account. It is not recommended to use the number that you used for the original WhatsApp.
  • This app may give you some problems while video calls or Audio calls and the quality may not be up to the mark sometimes. But this is occasional and depends upon the internet provider of the user.
  • If you are facing some critical issue while using it, even if you have the latest version of the Application and have a supported operating system then you can contact the customer support center for better guidance.


GB WhatsApp is the latest and very useful application that will help you to contact your friends and family in a different way. You can see the Facebook pages regarding this application. There are a lot of added features that are not available in normal WhatsApp. You can download it free on our website which is free of cost. You may also share other Applications like Base Apk and TextNow Apk via GB Whatsapp with your friends and family.

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is GB WhatsApp Apk Free to download?

Yes, This is free to download. You can get it on any other website as well as from the download button given above.

Q. Is GB WhatsApp better than WhatsApp?

Yes, This is better than WhatsApp since it has a few more unique features.

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