Become a Graphic Designer | A Best Guide

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Graphic designers generate visual messages that we see all around each and every day. Designers can create fun, marketing, media, and entertainment in a variety of formats, encompassing paper publication materials such as (brands, publications, banner advertisements, posters, pamphlets, and much more…). Luckily, without the need for a professional degree, you can still pursue your passion for being a Graphic Designer.

Understanding the Softwares

You will not believe you’ll be able to get away from those software applications, do you? Given that everything has gone online, you can’t reject those software applications. You may use the program to make graphics online. To become a competent Designer, you must be a specialist in the offered program.

There is other graphic design application software available, however, I recommend that you study “Adobe Illustrator” and “Adobe Photoshop.”

Illustrator by Adobe

Illustrator by Adobe. Yeah, it is still too early to start learning Photoshop. We propose that you begin using Illustrator. You may investigate it on the internet and find several free lessons ranging from basic to sophisticated. Initially, learn Adobe Illustrator before moving on to Photoshop.

Photoshop by Adobe

Now, it seems to be time to start learning Adobe Photoshop. Likewise, there are several instructions available on the internet; nevertheless, only the finest should be used. I propose watching these Channels on youtube to learn Photoshop: “Learn with Kareem,” “Adobe Guide,” and “Photo editing Tutorial Station,” among others. Initially, aim to master all of the fundamentals although if you don’t grasp the fundamentals, you won’t be capable of comprehending advanced material.

I have opened our YouTube channel “Learn Graphics,” in which you can learn various skills needed for freelancing and digital income. So, you may look into it and understand how to earn money on the internet.

Finding Your Area of Expertise

As a design expert, you must decide what you would like to specialize in and everything which will help you. When something pertains to design, you don’t want to be a jack-of-all-trades; instead, you wish to be a champion of a single area. Graphic design is divided into several categories.

  • Design of a Logo
  • Lettering by Hand
  • Designing a Mobile App
  • Website Development

Remember that getting your first clients will be difficult in the beginning. However, once you satisfy 1st, every other aspect will become apparent.

How do you get started learning?

There are several methods for learning graphic design. Nowadays, you may discover both paid and courses free. You may take some classes on Fiverr for a low cost… Alternatively, you may learn by viewing YouTube tutorials. You can gain your necessary abilities by searching YouTube for beneficial tutorials.

I propose that you start using Clips on youtube and then move on to professional programs if you are motivated. Everything you watch and learn will obviously help you to become a graphic designer. This is one of the best skills these days if you want to get something through your hard work. Your work will pay you but all you want is to be professional first then you can move further.


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