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The LifeAfter Escape Park officially opens to the public today!
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LifeAfter Apk Free download latest version is one of the most downloaded games on the Google Play Store. The game is developed by NetEase Games. LifeAfter Apk online was released in December 2018 and the game created a storm in the category of Role Playing games. The current rating of the game on the Google Play Store is 4.7 and the Game has more than 10 million downloads.


Are you interested in the issue of a post-apocalyptic world at the end of time? If you answered “yes,” the issue of a post-apocalyptic world at the end of days? If you answered “yes,” we’re betting you’d want to see it take place in real life. You’ve probably longed for it at least once in your life, haven’t you? We can’t even bring Armageddon to the planet entirely on our own, but we can certainly introduce a solution that will fulfill your fantasies. LifeAfter Sea of Zombie Download is an incredible game that has a zombie apocalypse in which you must make a significant effort to endure to ensure your survival and protect you from all of the mutant creatures.


LifeAfter Apk is a post-apocalyptic survival game for fans of the genre. This game, like other survival games, would necessitate that you work extremely hard for your preservation. At the same moment, a pathogen will infect different types of people, turning them into zombies. Those who become zombies will infect others and turn them into zombies. Everything you need to do is take care of yourself in order to live to the end and avoid infection.


Zombies will strike at midnight on daily basis. To avoid being infected by this infection, you must exercise in the LifeAfter Sea of Zombie apk Free download the latest version. After the infection has propagated, it will harm everybody except you and a few other humans. You’ll need to find a secure location to stay the night. All you have to do is hope that you are not infected with these infections. You’ll have to stay the entire night here, waiting for the morning. The undead does not assault during the daylight hours. As a result, you must exercise caution and spend the night in a well-lit location. Simply pray and await the daybreak.

The Game Play of LifeAfter Sea of Zombie Apk Free Download

LifeAfter Apk gameplay begins with the opening of the LifeAfter APK game. There is this strange sickness that spreads throughout the area as a result of natural catastrophes and other contextual variables. The illness quickly spreads across the region and attacks the victims. This results in individuals being changed into infected zombies, which appears to be a consequence of the aforementioned virus, and exhibiting behaviors that regular humans would never be able to.

Lifeafter Gameplay

The LifeAfter APK subsequently reveals that afterward, the illness completely decimates the specific place when it arrives, with only a few surviving. They were able to prevent the illness, and you are among them. The videogame then assigns you the responsibility of survivability, which is to live adequately, or at the very least, to the necessities. Whenever the light goes down and the whispering or approaching screeches of the half-dead people to begin roaming the streets, you are instructed to hide in a safe and protected hiding place. All you can do right now is pray not to get eaten by any of these undead and keep doing so till the sun shines out.


It’s all about surviving in LifeAfter Apk online. It will irritate and upset you sometimes, and it may even have the best of your courage for failings, causing you to yell from the adrenaline rush. So, if this is something you requested in the apocalypse, then the LifeAfter game seems to have the finest to give everyone.

LifeAfter Apk

Everything that you need for your existence may be found here, from reallocating resources to constructing your refuge and trying to collect incredible weaponry. All along the route, you will locate food to make, which is necessary to preserve your energy units (HP) and preserve your existence in full effect. In addition to your HP, you must keep your energy, life, temperature, and longevity indicators green. The fact that all of these are becoming green signifies that you are in adequate condition to fight off the undead.

Features of LifeAfter Apk Free Download

There are a lot of features of the game which we are going to discuss below.

Keep the spirit and optimism alive

The planet you previously knew has indeed been devastated, and it is now a strange realm filled with dread and viral outbreaks. You observe your loved ones become contaminated, and few survive, whose existence is continuously endangered by starvation, freezing, illnesses, viruses, disease, as well as other similar events, as well as groups with secret goals. Because although your world is coming together, you must remain serene and carry on with your life, thinking that you have a way out despite all of these hazards and virus infections, and you must win the struggle against everything.

Continue to live in LifeAfter Apk

You will need to understand how to gather and hunt for supplies, how to bandage your injuries, and how to utilize the resources and items you find to construct weapons and firearms to defend yourself from the infection. Experience every location on the post-apocalyptic planet, whether it be a metropolis full of contaminated mine shafts; dilapidated colleges or universities; or freezing weather woods and highlands. Traverse all of these locations and collect needed resources so you can endure the weather, heat, and any other circumstance that is presented to you.


Socialize with others

You may come across other individuals while roaming about the post-apocalyptic environment, seeking to gather resources for your needs. However, you must exercise extreme caution while dealing with them since they might not be a person you can trust. They may assault you to pillage what you have. However, if they appear friendly to you, you may decide if you want to offer your meals, ammo, and adventurous experiences to everyone.

Graphics and Sounds of LifeAfter Sea of Zombie Apk

LifeAfter download graphics developers have created the greatest visuals for the game. Everyone can enjoy the games realistically. This game features excellent visuals. Many games are enjoyable, yet their visuals are lacking. This game allows you to enjoy high-resolution graphics. The sounds in the game are also so much realistic. These sound effects will make you feel that you are sitting in a cinema and watching a movie in 8D sound quality. This is one of the biggest reasons for the success of the game.

Life After Features

Free to Download and Play

LifeAfter Offline Apk is downloadable for free on the internet. You may get it via the Google Play store. Some in-game purchases are available in-game, but they are not necessary. If you don’t want to purchase them and play the game, then you can.

Construct the Last House

You may have decided to make a few companions while scouting and sustaining, attempting to get out of the same circumstance you were put in.

LifeAfter Apk Features 2

So assemble those trustable spirits and locate a location for the hideout and construct it, attempting to take one step at a time, constructing one block at a time. Until you have the last shelter apart from the zombies infected by the virusGather around campfires, and you will be able to ward off the long winter evenings of depression and sadness once more with warm arms around the campfire.

New Place in Recent Update of LifeAfter Apk

The updated edition includes Levine Town. Which includes hazardous and tough scenarios, more strong and changing undead, hosts mysteries buried deep within the city, and immensely challenging and demanding conflicts. Engage enter the game and battle your way back to the beginning.


LifeAfter Sea of Zombie Apk Free Download is a game that is well-liked by people of all gender and age. The game is very popular on social media, especially on Facebook. If you like other role-playing games like IDLE MONSTER GO, OCTOPATH TRAVELER, and DIABLO IMMORTAL then you can also download these games on our website too. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and click on the DOWNLOAD button given above and enjoy the best role-playing game on your mobile phone.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q. Is LifeAfter Sea of Zombie Apk safe to download?

Yes. the game is verified on Google Play Store and you can download it. It will not create any damage or problem to your mobile phone.

Q. What is the size of the LifeAfter Sea of Zombie Apk online game?

The size of the LifeAfter Sea of Zombie Apk online game is 3 GB. But on the safe side, you need to have 3.9 GB free to play the game without any problem.

What's new

The LifeAfter Escape Park officially opens today!

LifeAfter is an Open World Doomsday Survival MMORPG. In this perilous world, can YOU survive the zombie roaring sea?



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