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Command your warship in epic online sea battles. Try this advanced army simulator and get your adrenaline pumping!
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Modern Warships Apk: Do you want to play Modern Warship? And do you like action games with battles? Or do you want to play Modern Warship Apk with all features for free? Then congratulation to you because you are in right place. In this article, we will brief you about the Gameplay and all features of the game. We will also provide you with the Apk file which you can install on your mobile phone and enjoy the game for free.


Modern Warships Apk is a very interesting warship game where you can enjoy real-time gameplay that is about ships. If you want to play and experienced warships games then there are many games available on the internet. But Modern Warships game has many advanced features that make this game more interesting and joyful. In this game, you can fight with other ships by using all your best resources.

This game was published by Cube Software and is a more interesting warship game around the world. In this game, you will fight other big warships that may be in the form of aircraft, carriers, cruisers, and any other ship. You have the option to customize the ship and weapon according to your choice. Tin this game you can challenge all real people around the world to participate in the fight and show your skills and abilities.

The Gameplay

Modern Warships Apk is a thrilling and action-based game where you have competition with other warships. There are so many weapons loaded in different shapes that are used in fights like missiles, machine guns, cannons, and many others. Ships are very important everywhere for trade and the transport of passengers. Some ships are built with the latest technology which can take action in any battle to protect the nation. These ships may carry missiles and expensive modern weapons.

If you see warships in real life and want to experience and test to play then you should play this game. The nature of the game and its gameplay is very similar and close to a real-life fight. In this game, you will control your ship by using a telescope and firing with different weapons. You can use the map to locate your enemy or can see your protection level. In this game, you have all the important resources that are necessary for a fight, like weapons, an army, a map, telescope. With all the resources you can fight but the victory also depends on your skills, strength, strategy, and management.


In other fighting games, you have to fight and shoot people, monsters, dragons, and other aliens by yourself. This is a ship battle where you have to shoot your target with the help of a ship. This game covers all the aspects for ships lover and ships have more resemblance in design and look real.

In this game, you have to manage all the strategies and management of your people that are inside the ships. You have to use all your resources for the ship’s battle. Marine life is very difficult so you have to manage all the activities and arrange all the resources like weapons, enough food storage, a map, and a telescope.

Features Outline

This is an online action game where the ships participate in battle instead of humans, monsters, dragons, and any type of alien. So this game has unique features because it has different gameplay. The main and important features are detailed below.

Free to play

This is free to play and download in the default setting. You can download the game easily when you have an internet connection. Also, You can play the game if you are offline anywhere when you want to play. You need an internet connection when you want to purchase some items from the store.

Multiplayer Game

This is a multiplayer game in which you are allowed to play with friends and other people around the world. You can also make friends and added them to your friend list.  Your friends can see your profile and check your level and all the information about you. If you are playing with the computer then you don’t need any internet connection but if you want to play with friends you need an internet connection.

You will have Your Ships

This is an action-based game where the ships participate in battle. There are different types of ships used for the fight. These ships are well organized and have advanced technology and are very well set for battle. These ships have a lot of space so they have all important resources. Some ships are already available and a new player can use these ships to fight. But there are more than 42 ships that are available and the player can get them with money. Each ship has unique and different durability, speed, radar range, missiles autocannons, and many more. The player can select the ship that he wants to command according to the situation and level.


The ships are fighting with other enemy ships. Ships used in this game are advanced in technology and carry advanced weapons and other equipment that are important for any battle. This game has a variety of weapons that are used in the fight like missiles, machine guns, rockets to fight, and helicopters and fighter jets for help.


In the earlier level, the player has a variety of ships and weapons that are available. Now there are some new and advanced technology equipment is available in the store. You need to pay if you want to avail the items. There are more than 42 ships that are locked and a lot of new technology weapons that you need for effective battle.

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Telescope and Map

The weapons and ships have much importance but there are other items without them you cannot fight and win against the enemy. Telescopes and maps also have much importance in ship’s war. If you want to keep observe over your enemy then you should use a telescope that can help you. By using a Map, you can find your location and island. You can find the path by using a telescope and Map.

Graphics and sound

This is an amazing 3D graphics game with a high-quality resolution. This game has a beautiful and realistic display. This game has a detailed and unique model of ships that are so beautiful and well-designed. The weather that has been designed in the game is as realistic as in the marine you have the outlook of the sky, water, and clouds. Whether the weather is favorable or not in this game the graphics clear all things.

The sound effect in the game is apparent and will distinguish the different sounds of the weapons. Each weapon has different sound effects with different pitches.


When you have won the battle and completed any task then you will level up and you will receive many rewards. You may offer to open a chest where different gifts are waiting for you like gold, weapons, ships, and many others. Many things are free when you are new to the game and some are available but you can collect them if you win the level or complete any important task.


Modern Warships is one of the best games available on the Google Play Store. You can experience a huge variety of ships for battle with different weapons and equipment. The player who is in love with the warships will enjoy this game and all the advanced technology ships. you can play and fight with your friends from all over the world. This game is very popular on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. There are also other action games like Rope Hero 3 Apk and Last Day on Earth Apk which you may like. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and click on the DOWNLOAD button given above and enjoy the best action game on your mobile phone.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q. Is Modern Warships Apk available for PC?

No. The developers of the game have only made this game for Mobile Phone users. If you want to play this game on a PC then you must install BlueStacks on the PC to play this game.

Q. Can we Play Modern Warships Apk in Offline Mode?

Yes. There is an offline mode of this game is available in which you can play only mission mode.

Q. Is it safe to download the Apk file of the Game?

Yes. You can download the Apk file from our website which is totally safe for your mobile phone.

Q. Is it possible to sell a ship in Modern Warships?

You now select the “Equipment list” option, which is positioned adjacent to the “Battle” option. Then you navigate to the “Sale” tab (on the right side of the screen) and lastly hit the sell button in the bottom right corner. Kindly double-check that you are selling the correct ship.

What's new

In the update:
Offensive carrier RF Novorossiysk;
Powerful VTOL fighter Yak-38;
YJ-18B - first missile in the game with the possibility of underwater launch;
Spearfish - strongest torpedoes;
Stealth destroyer HMS Type 83 with strong air defense;
TF-X fighter with laser guided bombs;
Helicopter T929 ATAK 2 with a powerful cannon;
New unique skins: Crown of the Seas and Fury of Colors;
Also: new missiles, powerful grenade launchers and rapid-fire air defense;



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