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PUBG Mobile APK is the world’s leading online multiplayer game with 1 Billion active users. For the convenience of its customers, this game features both a PC and a mobile version. PUBG APK includes several puzzles and confrontations in which you play as a soldier. This game was created by a firm called Bluehole, and it now appears to be the most popular game in the world. This game has captivated both teenagers and adults. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a game that was created specifically for mobile phones. You need an internet connection and you can play whenever and anywhere you choose.

App Name Pubg Mobile
Publisher Tencent Games
Genre Games
Size 1044 MB
Latest Version v2.2.0
Info Latest update
Get it On Google Play
Update September 14, 2022

Introduction to PUBG Mobile Apk Free Download V 2.1.0

There are several fights with 100 people in which you must drop into the combat field barehanded, gather weapons and bags, and then sprint to fight in the field after fully gearing up. Players land from an aircraft to battle each other. You can play this game in solo mode, or duo mode as well as you can create your clan and squad to play this game.


You are using the maps of Erangle which is the most popular map of this game, Miramar, and others. The key to winning the game is survival; be the last one remaining to obtain the chicken meal or be murdered to be the loser; the option is yours. You may play it with your pals while interacting through the game’s chats or voice chats, giving out directions, and advancing in the gameplay.

With online, real-time combat and various accomplishments in the game provided by the developers, this is the finest action and tactical gaming you will ever discover. And many seasons ahead, currently the C1S5 is continuing which a customized season mode.

PUBG is a huge game that required almost 8 GB of memory with all of its in-game downloads like graphics, resource packs, maps, and sounds. It is a heavier game, but all of its features are very unique and best. The unique features of this game are its realistic graphics which provide you with the best gameplay, different weapons especially M416 and AWM which are utilized in fights, and much more. PUB Mobile Apk is a customized version of PUBG Mobile which is developed by our team. the customized version provides different skins of weapons and equipment, Unknown Cash which is called UC, and available features for free.

Features of PUBG Mobile Apk

There are a lot of features in this game which we are going to discuss below.


This game’s gameplay is quite fascinating. This game may be played by 100 individuals at once in their place. You may utilize a variety of weaponry to assault and kill your adversaries. The whole game continues in this manner, and you eventually win a chicken meal.


Modes of PUBG Mobile Apk

This game has two ways to play. In Solo mode, you will land solo in the game and you have to survive till the death of the last player in the game to win Chicken Dinner. In squad mode, you will land with your squad that could be your real-time friends and also you can get random players from the server by enabling auto-matching. You work together to build your strategies like a team fighting enemies. You may create two to four groups as a way to win battles.

High-Quality Graphics

One feature of this game that has piqued the interest of consumers is its 3D visuals. This game appears to be quite realistic, from the setting to the characters and the whole situation. At first glance, it does not appear to be a game, but rather a film made in a real location with real actors. The 3D visuals make the screen appear so clean and unique that it’s difficult to tell if it’s a real movie scene or a game.

Weapon Collection of PUBG Mobile

There is a wide variety of weaponry available for use in combat, including rifles, pistols, firearms, and a variety of other weapons.


Aim Assist

Aim Assist is an intriguing PUBG latest update v2.1.0 feature that allows users to kill their adversaries with unique weaponry. They can hide behind a wall or a structure and open fire on their adversaries. Players can see their enemies and hit them with zero recoils with the great connectivity of bullets. Aimbot will help them to auto-aim on the enemy’s head and your headshot percentage will be increased.

Safe Zone

There is a safe zone in which gamers can avoid being evicted.

Wall  Visibility Function

Another fantastic feature is the ability to find foes from behind a wall or any other boundary. In this manner, you may notice the adversaries that are hiding and about to attack you.

Free of Cost

Downloading and playing the PUBG Mobile game is free, just like Garena Free Fire. There are several free features in this game. You do not need to spend anything to gain access to the outstanding features and really good facility features.


BP Indefinitely

You will get Blueprints in the game and you will be able to buy a lot of things with those blueprints.

Unknown Cash

UC is a term used in PUBG Mobile which is unknown cash. With UC, a player can buy the royal pass, he can get crates to open, and can buy different skins of weapons and other equipment. You will be able to get UC with PUBG Mobile Apk.

Features of PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile’s features are pretty unique and handy. There are guns, vehicles, colorblind assistance, and the ability to play with 100 individuals in a team, among other things.

Good Things and Bad Things in PUBG Mobile

Good Things

  • PUBG Mobile allows you to play real-time battles with different sorts of weapons, high-quality sounds, and graphics.
  • You can talk on voice chat when you are playing with your squad which improves your gameplay and coordination.
  • You build your strategies to play the game which increases your IQ Level.

Bad Things

  • The devices with low RAM and GPU are very bad at running this game. You need a high-quality mobile phone or tablet to play this game.
  • There are a lot of server issues in PUBG Mobile. Users face ping issues a lot.
  • There is different sort of lethal players in the game who destroy all the lobby within 5 minutes of gameplay.

How to Get PUBG Mobile APK?

  • Follow the instructions below to obtain PUBG Mobile APK.
  • To begin, you must click on a legitimate site to download the PUBG Mobile Apk.
  • Go to your phone’s settings and enable the option for unknown resources.
  • Now go to your downloads and install PUBG Mobile Apk.
  • Enjoy the experience of the world’s best game on your mobile phone.



PUBG Mobile is currently the most downloaded game of mobile on the internet with 1 Billion active users which is a huge achievement for the game. You can play this game with your friends, family, and relatives. The controls of the game can be changed which makes its gameplay very easy and user-friendly. In short, we can say that PUBG Mobile is the best and easy game with all of its unique features.



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