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Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade is the latest version of the rising kingdoms and this game was updated on July 14, 2022. Egypt’s civilization is represented by the developer of the game as Egypt has a more powerful, beautiful, advanced, and stylish history. The Egyptians are civilized, advanced, intelligent, and sophisticated people. They have amazing things and places like pyramids and they have a good history of weapons and technology.

App Name Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
Genre War
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Version v1.0.59.17
Info Latest Version
Price Free
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Update July 18, 2022


In this game, you have to build a unique civilization with great heroes around the world. This is an advanced updated game of the rise of kingdoms which shows the Egyptian civilization. In this game, you learn how to manage new resources available to you and how will you rule Egypt, and how you will manage all the decisions regarding the fate of Egypt under your leadership. This game looks like a real-time battle and has a massive map where above 100 players are playing.

Rise of Kingdoms introDUCTION

The Gameplay

The rise of kingdoms lost crusade is the advanced and latest version of the rise of kingdoms latest version. In this game, the player has the challenge to build a successful empire in Egypt as Egypt is an artful and advanced civilization. This game is based on the history of Egyptians who are civilized, intelligent, and sophisticated and as a leader, you should make advanced strategies that will give strength to your workforce, military, industry, etc. You have to protect your empire from the invaders and make good and friendly behavior with other empires. In this game, you can make a team-up battle with help of a friend empire.


Features of The Rise of Kingdoms Apk Latest Version

In this latest version of the rise of kingdoms, some advanced features are available which were initially not available in the old version. There are some features listed below.

Wonderful civilization

In this game, the player has 13 different civilization and manage your empire from a single clan to a large unbeatable force. Each civilization has its important things and architecture that make it different from other civilizations. Egyptian civilization is also represented in this game as Egypt has a beautiful, advanced, and unique civilization. You have to check your skills to manage your decision about empire and protect your people from enemies and make good relationships with neighbors so you take good care of your people.

Real-Time Game

In this game, the player feels like a real-time battle in which they fight with the enemies of other kingdoms and attack other clans that are on the map. In this game, the player can join or leave the battle at any time when they want, representing the RTS gameplay.


In this game, the player has a huge advantage as he has the map of the entire kingdom empire. This map will help out the leader to manage all activities about attacks, troops, and weapons to attack any kingdom. Leaders can understand and see the direction and distance on the maps and see the location where the kingdom is located. The map shows whether a kingdom has a mountain, water, or field in its surroundings so the plan will adjust according to the demand of weather and location which is very important for a successful attack. In this advanced version, the player can see infinite zoom technology that was not available in the old version.



In this game, your world is under the thick fog cover that has mysterious and hidden treasures. You have to uncover and discover these surprises. You have to investigate and discover the lost temples, caves, barbarian fortresses, and tribal old villages with their civilization. Investigate the weapons and technology that they used in battle so you have a better option and strategy to fight with them on that level.

Best strategy

In this game, a leader has the responsibility of the entire kingdom with all the resources that the kingdom has. A leader makes the best strategy and keeps all the troops joining and managing all the activities that they have done in the kingdom. In this, the troops have to follow the order that is issued before the battle or during the battle. Leaders make the strategy of war that how many circles they have to capture on the map and dispatch troops to collect the looted items. The leader makes the commander that has the power to decide on the action on the battlefield.

Team up play

In this updated game there is the advanced feature of association and union among the players so they can help each other. During a battle, they can communicate through live chat where they can discuss and decide the officer roles, map directions, and other strategies about troops and kingdom. When they work together then they can easily unlock their achievements.

Defeat the kingdoms

When you make union with other players to team up and fight with another kingdom. In this, you should use good tactics with the help of the troops. You can conquer the kingdom with your excellent strategy and take control of the kingdom. When you fight and take control then you can use all their resources.

Graphics and sounds

This game has smooth graphics and beautiful colors with high-quality revolution. The player can feel that they are playing the game in real life because of the super-quality graphics and sound even if the player plays on mobile. The Sound of the game has a clear voice and the sound of the weapons is clear.


Free of cost

This game is free to download on your computer, mobile, and other devices. When you download the game then you play the game online with other people around the world and also with your friends. You do not pay any money to win the battle.


Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is a strategy game and advanced version of the increase of the kingdom in which the player has the role model of Egyptian civilization and wants to make their empire like Egypt. Egypt has a beautiful history and has historical places and weapons.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rise of Kingdoms free to play?

Ans: Yes. It is totally free to play the game. There are some in-game purchases to customize the gameplay but you can also play without purchasing that.

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