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Shadow Fight 2 Apk was released in June 2014. The game become one of the best games on the Google Play Store. Shadow Fight 2 download has more than 1 billion downloads and the game has secured a rating of 4.8 stars on the Google Play Store. The game is developed by NEKKI which has also developed Shadow Fight 3 too which is also getting too much fame these days.


Shadow Fight 2 Apk Free download is a fighting game in which you become a warrior and dress up with a lot of different weapons to defeat all other enemies around you. In this game you turn into a shadow is a bit different from other fighting games and you have to face all types of enemies that have their shape, look, skin, nature, and behavior. So you don’t have enough knowledge and information regarding your enemies.

Shadow Fight 2 mod aPK Introduction

Shadow Fight 2 Apk is an action-based decent combat fighting game in which you fight with your enemies one by one. Your opponents are very aggressive and always ready to attack and wait for a fight. In this game, you have many types of weapons that are very important for fighting in the game as you have many numbers of enemies in this game. Stay connected with this article to get a better idea about the game and the Features of the game.

The Gameplay of Shadow Fight Apk

In this game, the player feels like he is in the street fighting and fighting with his enemy of all types as the enemy has different shapes, skin, outfits, and nature. At the start of this game, you have to fight barehanded just using your legs and fists to defeat the enemy. In this game, you need weapons to fight so you can purchase them and collect them from the chest also when completing the level.

The battle system of this game is fighting if you want to play this game you have to use the directional joystick and control button for attack and different movements. The combat system of the game is very slow as per your rule in this game this is not a bad thing for this game. The slow motion will help you to notice all things that happen around you and can see the activity of enemies and you can attack them strongly.

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APk Gameplay

This game has simple control and direction with two buttons only that are punch and kick. Combine these two buttons for various tasks and missions to complete successfully. In this game, your energy level may create some problems of time waste because when your energy level drops you cannot fight anymore. You have to wait to refill that energy level or can purchase the energy meter.

Features of Shadow Fight 2 Apk

Shadow Fight 2 Apk is an interesting fighting game in which you play as a shadow and fight with other enemies. Some features make the game quite different from other fighting games.

Online game

Shadow Fight 2 Apk is an online game but you can also play this game offline when you don’t have an internet connection. You cannot purchase the energy refile and weapons while remaining offline but you can play the game when and where you want.

Playing with friends

Shadow Fight 2 MOD Apk is online where you can play with your friends on the same server and you can play the game on a solo basis or can play with your friends as a team. You can make a team of 3 heroes online and fight with other enemies for a strong attack.


At the start of this game you fight barehanded you don’t have any weapons. You can collect the weapons from the game and can purchase them from the store with cash. A gamer can collect the weapons when you complete the level and mission. You can collect and purchase many weapons from stores like swords, axes, truncheons, fire spells, daggers, butterfly swords, kunai, and many types of knives.

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APk Features


Shadow Fight 2 Apk is a simple animated game that has a very good display of 2D. this game has a good quality resolution that gives you a realistic view of the game. The effect in this game is very beautiful and close to nature. There are so many characters that have different outfits and there are beautiful colors and displays available to you that make the game more interesting.

Free to Download and Play

This game is free to download when you have an internet connection. You can also play the game when you are online or offline. This game is free to play but if you want to unlock the advanced level for magical tools like weapons, outfits, skin, and other items you have to pay money to a store to purchase that item. In this game, you have an energy meter for play when the level drop to zero the game will stop and you have to refill the meter. The meter refills by itself for waiting sometimes but if you don’t have enough time and want to play at that time then you can purchase the energy meter also with cash.

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Customized choice in Shadow Fight 2 Apk

Shadow Fight 2 download is a very famous game in the gaming world in which you have to battle with other strange and strong characters that have different abilities and features. In this game, each character of the enemy has its quality and behavior. You can upgrade your hero character to increase your fighting abilities in battle. You upgrade your player with different outfits and weapons. There are many different items that you can select for your character but some of them are locked so you need first to unlock them.


Shadow Fight 2 MOD Apk is a simple classical game in which your hero is the shadow and he is in a fight with other enemies that have many types, skin, nature, and shape. When you defeat them all in a fight one by one then you will receive many rewards from the store. There are so many types of weapons that you have received and which are very important for battle. You may collect gems and gold and by using these you can purchase the items that you need at that time.


Shadow Fight 2 Apk is a classical fighting game in which your hero is in shadow character as each enemy has a different character in a different form. Each character has a different outfit, nature, behaviors, and ability to fight. You have to make your character strong so that he can defeat the enemy in battle. The fight level with other enemies comes one by one. When you defeat the enemy you will level up and fight with other strong enemies and so the game goes on for an ultimate time. If you like action games then you may also like Fortnite Mobile, Stumble Guys Apk, and Last day on Earth Apk on our website.

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* The Lunar New Year and the Son of Heaven are already here!
* Win the first places in raids and collect all the items!
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