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TextNow Call + Text Apk Free Download for Android v Latest Version 2022 is a very unique application that provides you with a free mobile phone number from the USA. You will be able to call any USA number free of cost. The texts are also enabled and you can also make a WhatsApp account with this number. This application is developed by TextNow, Inc. in Sep 2012. The application is available on the Google Play Store and the official website of TextNow too. The application has secured a rating of 4.4 with 1.3 Million reviews. It has more than 500 Million downloads on Google Play Store and more than 100 Million downloads on its official website.


TextNow Call + Text Apk Free Download for Android is an application that provides you the facility of having a US number without having a sim. The number will be anonymous and you will not have ownership of the number. You have to create an account on TextNow Call + Text with your Gmail account or any other social media account. Then you have to select a state from which state you need a number. After the selection of the state code, you will find a list of numbers that you can select for your use.

TextNow APk New

The best thing about TextNow Apk is that if you are not comfortable with that number, then you can release that number and select another one of your choices. In 15 days, you can change the number only one time. After 15 days, you can release that number too, and select another one. There is another best feature of the application is that you can also create a WhatsApp account with that number. TextNow Apk Free Download for Android will not allow you to receive a message or call from WhatsApp for verification. To get account verification, you have to enable voicemail and then you can go to the voicemail box and listen to that voicemail code from WhatsApp for verification purposes.

Stay connected with our article to get more knowledge about this application if you are a new user. Even if you have used it earlier then you must have read this because there are a lot of new and advanced features in this application now.

Features of TextNow Apk Free Download for Android

There are a lot of features of TextNow’s free US phone number which we are going to discuss below.

Contact with Friends and Family

TextNow Apk downloads the latest version and provides you the eligibility to contact your friends and family without spending any money. If you are traveling outside US and Canada, then you can also contact them without any problem. you just need a stable internet connection and you can call them on their mobile number even if they don’t have an internet connection. All you need is to TextNow log in or sign up to use this best application free of cost. You can also send photos and videos with this application too.

Text Now Feature

Free Voice Calls and Messages

If the other party is TextNow Apk free text + calls user, then you can also call him free of cost. You can send them multimedia files as well. This is one of the best and most downloaded applications in the calling category on the internet.

No Limitation of Time in TextNow Download

You are not bound to talk. This application enables you to talk as much as you can. This feature of the application has made it easier and more comfortable for users. There are a lot of improvements in the TextNow apk download the latest version and then TextNow Apk the old version. You can text your friends now totally free of cost. But if you are trying to call a number other than USA and Canada, then you must need credits to make that call.

Text Now Features

Smart Sim Card

This is an application that you install on your phone. The application will work as your electronic Sim Card. Due to this, you will be able to cut off your mobile phone calling bills and you can save some of your amounts on monthly basis.

Availability of Data

You can purchase very good-speed data from TextNow Apk. Wherever you are going, it is affordable for you and you can avail of this facility from TextNow Apk Free Download the latest version.

Get a Second Number

You will be able to get a second mobile number that will not be registered in your name. If you have a privacy concern and you don’t want to show your identity to anyone then you can use this number to call them. It will secure your privacy.

International Callings on Low Rates

You will buy TextNow credit and it will cost you very low than a normal mobile number. You can make more and more international calls with a limited budget. This feature is making it very unique and balanced. You can manage your international business at very low rates. If you have relatives of family members and friends outside the country, then this is the best option for you to use this application and stay in touch with them. It will also boost your Wi-Fi network due to which you will be able to get a better experience of calling.

Numbers in TextNow

High Quality of Voice Calls

Because you are calling via Internet, due to which its call quality of voice is so much better than a normal mobile phone call. You will not face signals dropping and the quality of the call will be best. Due to this feature, this application is well-liked by users and is one of the most downloaded calling applications on the internet.


Why Choose Text Now

There are a lot of reasons why we will recommend to you the TextNow application’s latest version to install. These are discussed below.

  • You will get a second number without privacy leaking
  • You will be able to get calls within US and Canada
  • You will get low call rates for international calling
  • If you go outside the US, then still you can call in US and Canada just with an internet connection
  • You can get TextNow data from their server if you don’t have an internet connection
  • The best quality of voice is an advanced feature of TextNow Apk Free download. You will be able to send and receive your voice very clear if you are using TextNow.
  • There is an option for Voicemail and Conference calls in TextNow which is not available on WhatsApp and other applications like this.


TextNow is one of the best and most downloaded applications in the calling category on the internet. You can get all the features of this application and enjoy the quality of calls with a simple user interface application. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and Click Download Button and enjoy the best features of the Application. This is very popular on Facebook Too.

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