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Trader life simulator Apk is the best game for that player who has an interest and participates in that business which makes money and gives profit on the investment. You look around the circle and see people doing different work for life some are very successful and some of them are facing difficulty in earing. Trader life simulator is the game in which you are involved in trading and make money for survival as you have lost your job in a good trading company and you have enough money to start your own business.

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Update July 09, 2022

You have to keenly observe in your surroundings what type of business is suitable for you and is profitable for you and secure your money. According to your experience opening your supermarket is suitable for you as you have enough experience in it.


 In this game, you lost your job and now want to open a new supermarket as you have enough knowledge about trading. Now you have started your own new business so you required a lot of stuff for your supermarket setup. You want racks, employees, and promoting media for your store. In this game you manage all the things and face difficulties seems like it is real in life. Your wish is not only to open your store but you want to turn the island into the town of your choice.

Trader Life Simulator Mobile
Trader Life Simulator Mobile


You will enjoy and have fun while playing this game as this game is more interested than other games if you love simulator games. Your dream comes true by opening a store as you are involved from beginning to closing of the game. You are free to set the store of your choice from building to staff choice. In this game, the purpose of the game is not only to make a profit but to also provide the customer with quality products when needed. When you play this game, you will see in this game city and village, the map is also available that will help you to deliver the product. In this game, you have to complete different tasks so you can get coins or rewards.

The gameplay of  Trader Life Simulator Apk 

In this game, you are the owner of a superstore and you feel this trading as you are a real-life store owner and you manage all the necessary items that are very important in any supermarket to make it more profitable and comfortable for customers. You purchase items, racks and hire people for your help and advertise your business as you are new in this business, and list all the items that you have to keep in your store. The supermarket is not a small setup you must have to give people a variety of choices among the product. They have a choice of the different brands so they can pick their favorite brand.

Trader Life

You should make a strategy so you can earn profit and expand your business. Goal The goal of every business is to facilitate customers and earn profit. You should notice all the statements so you can check and balance on your every penny that you spent on this store. When your store makes a profit you will be able to open new branches in different places.

Features of Trader life simulator Apk Free Download

There are a lot of features that we are going to discuss below.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a key element of this game if you want to more progress you should fulfill customer requirements in a given period with quality products. Is it free to use the Trader life simulator Apk free download the latest version free of cost and you can download it easily.

Rewards in Trader life simulator Apk

In this game, different tasks are given to you to complete if you complete the task according to the requirement of the game then you have a chance to win the reward in form of coins that you can use in further tasks. Excellent environment Trader life simulator is a very environmentally friendly game as it does not have any advertisements that tease you. You can play this game without any difficulty.

Safe to download Trade life simulator Apk free download

This game download on your system has a high-security risk. You should make sure that the website you are using is highly trustworthy.

Graphics and sound of Trader life simulator Apk 2022

The Trader life simulators have beautiful 3D graphics and are beautifully designed as an island. The game has a small number of content so the view is very neat and clean. You cannot realize that you are playing the game as its area is very wide.

Manage your finance in the Trader life simulator Latest Version

In the trader life simulator apk free, you act like you are the real owner of a superstore and you should manage all the statements regarding finance and check where your all deposit goes. Purpose The purpose of the game is not only to trade buying and selling products but also to create a brand. You have to take different and important decisions regarding this.



In the trader life simulator, you have many challenges in terms of setup and finance balance and the difficulty in earning profit.

Need people

In this game, you need so many people that are required for different tasks. You need a delivery man, a cashier. Staff for restocking the items. You also need people for your accounts and finance balance. Despite all these people, there is a lot of stuff that you have to do.

Restock on time

In this game, as you hire the people for restocking but you also take care that all finished items are restocked or not because if items are not available at that time then your customer will shift to another supplier will damage your business name and do not give a good impression to other.

Professional behavior

This game pretends the professional look format as this includes buying and selling items and making not only profit but also teaches you how to make strategies for successful business as there is a lot of risk of loss and risk of loss of money.

trader-life-simulator APK


The trader life simulator game is an excellent platform if you want to play a realistic game. This is also very popular on Facebook and Instagram. There are so many simulator games available but this one is the best of all others that’s why this game is famous among people and people are loving this game. There is the link given above so you can download it from here.

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