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Turbo Dismount Apk was released in November 2014 initially and the game got a huge appreciation on the Google Play Store due to its features.
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Apr 26, 2019
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Turbo Dismount Apk was released in November 2014 initially and the game got a huge appreciation on the Google Play Store due to its features. This is one of the most downloaded games over there. The game is developed by Secret Exit Ltd. and the game has more than 60 million downloads. The game has secured a rating of 4.3 with more than 790k reviews which means that this is a well-liked game by the users.


Turbo Dismount is amazing and different from other action games as it has different gameplay. In real life when you drive you are always careful while driving and avoid obstacles and have fear of accidents. Nobody wants to do these types of experiences that cause injuries to you and damage to the vehicle. This game is very interesting for those who want to experience fast and rush driving that they cannot do in real life so they become more curious. This game has the feeling of danger which makes the game more interesting.

This is a unique adventure game where vehicles crash in an accident. These types of accidents that occur in this game you cannot experience in the real life because in real life you will avoid the obstacle and drive safely. It is a racing game where you drive as fast and rashly as you want and instead of avoiding the obstacles, you dive into which makes the game joyful.

The GamePlay

Turbo Dismount is a different and interesting game from other action games and has unique gameplay. The background that is used in the game does not look like you are in real action of diving as it has a different aspect from real life so the background does not matter. The player always enjoys the game because of the very interesting content. In this game, you do not have to worry about obstacles while driving, bump the vehicle where you want, and destroy anything that you have in the surrounding.

In this game, everything does not have a design in resemblance with things that happen in the real life. The Collison of vehicles in this game feels real. In this game, the player feels free because there is no human character but the main character is a dummy. The collision occurs and this game has the burst of smoke, cars, and terrain shattered.
In this game you do not have to score or do anything, you simply control and drive the car and create the greater destruction as you can to the best level. While driving if you want to make more damage you have to speed the vehicle to its maximum speed. Higher the speed of the vehicles causes more destruction around the player.

Features Outline

This is a unique and interesting game that will bring the moment of real life with unique features. In this game, you have to prepare yourself for different types of challenges and you don’t get bored playing this game. There are some interesting features detailed below that make the game more joyful.


In this game, you drive the vehicle of your choice that you want. This game will provide you with different vehicles like cars, trucks, construction vehicles, skateboards, bikes, ambulances, and many others. By using these vehicles you will perform different amazing stunts that you cannot do in real life. The most satisfying vehicle that is mostly used by the player is the car.


In this game, you have to face many different obstacles that you have during driving any type of vehicle. There are so many challenges that you have to face in form of obstacles and these obstacles may be in form of rocks, building, water, fire, trees, a wrong turn, and heavy rash traffic that you have to face during driving. You have to perform a different stunt on these obstacles as you don’t have to protect your vehicle from the accident and the driver of the game is not a human so the player feels relaxed while playing the game.

Free to Play

This game is free to play and download to the computer or on your android mobile. Once you download the game you can play the game whenever and where you want or if you don’t have an internet connection. Driving any type of vehicle doesn’t need an internet connection but if you want to unlock the vehicle and want to purchase the vehicle from the store then the internet connection is required.

Graphics and SoundS

This is not close to a nature game by its action so the graphics of the game is not good and the display has low quality. This will not affect the gameplay and players will enjoy the game. The obstacle that the player has to face with many angles and this game has beautiful colors. The sound of the game is a key feature as it has a powerful sound simulation that makes the game more interesting. Whenever you bump into obstacles and the sound created in the collision is so real that you feel like this happened in the real life. The sound created in the situation of collision from a different angle will create different strong sound frequencies.

Environment friendly

This is an interesting game that provides the real fun of life with gameplay. This is environment-friendly and any age group people can play the game. If you are bored with other light games then you should play this game as this has unique content and put your character in the safe zone and this is a stress relief game. The children can play this game in the presence of their parents. In this game, you can also learn traffic signals and traffic rules and parents can teach their children about traffic safety and the consequences of careless transportation.


In this game, you collect rewards when you finish the level. This is a competition-based game. This is only a racing game where you have obstacles of different types that you don’t need to avoid. When to complete any task then the rewards will unlock. In this reward, there are gold and vehicles that you collect. With the help of this gold, you can purchase different vehicles like cars, trucks, bikes, construction trucks, and other vehicles.


Turbo Dismount APK is an interesting game and works as a stress relief for the player. In this game you don’t need to score higher, you only drive the vehicles and cause damage of any type that you want. This is an adventure game where you don’t afraid of obstacles that you found in your way and don’t fear accidents as the driver is not a human so you drive freely without any tension. This game is very popular on social media like FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest. If you like Simulation games then you may also like Idle Miner Tycoon APK, Dragon City Apk, Internet Cafe Simulator Apk, and Trader Life Simulator Apk. So, What are you waiting for? Just go and click the Download Button and enjoy the best game on your mobile phone.

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